Tasks by Category

High Level, Logging

Task Description
Recipe Executes a recipe as a sequence of tasks. Execution order depends on success or failure of each task.Task execution is fully parameterized. Each recipe provides a global set of parameters that can be usedto control and orchestrate the various tasks.
Pipeline Executes a linear sequence of tasks.
Log Provides logging facilities (log to console, log to file, write report to file).

File Operations

Task Description
FileCopy Generic file copy.
FileOperation Provides operations for renaming and deleting files, and creating, renaming and deleting folders.
Pickup Copies files from a local client directory to the processing server’s work directory.
Delivery Copies files from the processing server’s work directory to a local client directory.
Zip Zips multiple files into a single archive.

Mesh Processing

Task Description
CleanupMesh Mesh cleaning and healing, such as removing unreferenced vertices.
ConvertMesh Converts mesh files to various file formats. Optionally strips components such as normals and UVs.
DecimateMesh Reduces the size of a mesh to a target number of faces or vertices.
FixMesh Fixes mesh deficiencies such as flipped triangles.
Remesh Creates a new, regular mesh for an object.
UnwrapMesh Creates a UV atlas for a mesh. Internally works with Rizom Labs Unfold, Uknit (hosted on 3ds Max),and InstantUV (Mops CLI).
GenerateUSDZ Generates a USDZ format model from a self-contained format like glb
ReorientMesh Standardizes scale and orientation relative to a provided Voyager SVX file
SyncObjMtl Makes sure a .mtl file exists for the supplied .obj and that the .obj correctly references it.

Mesh Analysis

Task Description
InspectMesh Provides mesh analysis (manifoldness, watertight, dimensions, center, volume, etc.)
MergeReports Combines mesh stats from one inspection report with material stats from another.

Texture Generation

Task Description
BakeMaps Bakes various features to textures by projecting them from a high poly mesh onto the UV spaceof a low poly mesh.

Image Processing

Task Description
ConvertImage Convert images to various file formats using ImageMagick.
CombineOcclusion Combines three occlusion maps into one RGB map using red, green and blue channels.

Image Analysis

No tasks available yet.