Each processing server needs a configuration file where the path to the executables and version information for all installed tools are defined. A template configuration file is provided for convenience.

First, copy the template file:

cp server/tools.template.json server/tools.json

Then edit the entries in the tools.json file. The timeout specifies the maximum execution time allowed for this tool. Change this if you are on a particularly slow or fast machine. Each entry should look like so:

"Unfold": {
  "executable": "C:\\Program Files\\Rizom Lab\\Unfold3D VS RS 2017.0\\unfold3d.exe",
  "version": "2017.0.27.g2c0aab2",
  "timeout": 1200 // 20 minutes

You are allowed to use comments in the .json file.

Please make sure backslashes are escaped using another backslash: \\

Supported tools

Tool Description
ImageMagick Swiss army knife for converting and processing images.
InstantMeshes Remeshing tool.
MeshFix Automatic fixing of mesh topology errors.
Meshlab Swiss army knife for mesh processing, including manipulation, analysis, cleaning, and repair.
MeshSmith Converts mesh files between various file formats. Optionally strips components such as normals and UVs.
RapidCompact Processing tool for creating web-ready 3D assets, including decimation,unwrapping, and texture map baking.
RizomUV Automatic generation of an unwrapped UV atlas for a low poly mesh.
xNormal Bakes texture maps such as normals and ambient occlusion.