• Recommended version with Cook: 4.2.1
  • Windows binary available to registered customers


Example configuration for RapidCompact in the tools.json configuration file:

"RapidCompact": {
    "executable": "C:\\Program Files\\RapidCompact CLI 4.2.1\\rpdx.exe",
    "version": "4.2.1",
    "maxInstances": 3,
    "timeout": 900


Option Required Type Values/Description Default
highPolyMeshFile “bake” only string file path
lowPolyMeshFile “bake” only string file path
inputMeshFile yes except “bake” string file path
outputMeshFile yes except “bake” string file path
mapBaseName for “bake” string base name for baked maps
mode yes string “decimate”, “unwrap”, “decimate-unwrap”, “bake”
removeDuplicateVertices no boolean false
numFaces “decimate”, “decimate-unwrap” only number
unwrapMethod no number 0 = fixedBoundary, 1 = fastConformal, 2 = conformal, 3 = isometric, 4 = forwardBijective 4
mapSize “bake” only number 2048
bakeOcclusion no boolean false
occlusionRays no number 128
normalsTangentSpace no boolean false
preserveBoundary no boolean true