Converts geometric mesh data between various file formats.

The task is usually executed by Smithsonian’s own MeshSmith tool, except for conversions from FBX to GLB or glTF which are done by FBX2glTF. Meshlab can also be used if specified explicitly (set useMeshlab to true), but Meshlab understands less input and output formats.


Option Type Required Default Description
inputMeshFile string yes Input mesh file name.
outputMeshFile string yes Converted (output) mesh file name.
stripNormals boolean no false Removes normals if true.
stripTexCoords boolean no false Removes UVs (texture coordinates) if true.
joinVertices boolean no false Joins identical vertices if true. Using this option can reduce file size significantly.
useCompression boolean no false FBX2glTF only: use DRACO mesh compression.
computeNormals string no - FBX2glTF only: recompute normals. Valid options: “never”, “broken”, “missing”, “always”.
scale number no 1.0 MeshSmith only: scales the mesh by the given factor if set.
translate [x,y,z] no [0,0,0] MeshSmith only: translates the mesh by the given vector if set.
swizzle string no - MeshSmith only: Custom swizzle operation if set. Example: “X+Z+Y-”.
timeout number no 0 Maximum task execution time in seconds (default: 0, uses timeout defined in tool setup).
useMeshlab boolean no false Forces the use of Meshlab if true.