The Cook ships with a number of predefined processing recipes.

Recipe: bake

Bakes diffuse, occlusion, normal maps

Recipe: decimate

Decimate a high resolution mesh

Recipe: decimate-unwrap

Decimates a mesh and generates UV coordinates

Recipe: generate-usdz

Generates a USDZ format asset

Recipe: generate-web-gltf

Generates a glTF/GLB web asset

Recipe: inspect-mesh

Generates statistics on a mesh/scene

Recipe: unwrap

Unwrap mesh to generate UVs.

Recipe: si-generate-downloads

The SI pipeline for asset download creation.

Recipe: si-orient-model-to-svx

Aligns a model with a Voyager scene orientation

Recipe: si-packrat-inspect

Generates mesh reports for SI Packrat

Recipe: si-voyager-asset

Generates Voyager package from single unmodified asset

Recipe: si-voyager-scene

Generates low, medium, high, and AR assets for full Voyager package