Reduces the complexity of a geometric mesh by reducing the number of vertices.

Tools: Meshlab, InstantUV/MopsCLI


Option Type Required Default Description
inputMeshFile string yes Input (high poly) mesh file name.
outputMeshFile string yes Output (low poly) mesh file name.
numFaces number yes Target number of faces after decimation.
cleanup boolean no false Removes unreferenced and duplicate vertices before decimation if true.
preserveTopology boolean no true If true, preserves the topology of the mesh.
preserveBoundaries boolean no true If true, preserves the meshes' boundaries, i.e. doesn’t remove boundary vertices.
preserveTexCoords boolean no false Preserves texture coordinates during decimation.
minComponentSize string no - Meshlab only: Removes components smaller than the given size. Example: “2%”.
computeVertexNormals boolean no false Meshlab only: Re-computes vertex normals for the decimated mesh.
inspectMesh boolean no false Meshlab only: performs mesh inspection before decimation and generates an inspection report.
timeout number no 0 Maximum task execution time in seconds (default: 0, uses timeout defined in tool setup).
tool string no “Meshlab” Tool to use for decimation: “Meshlab” or “Mops”.