Quickstart Guide

Are you an end user that wants to simply embed a Voyager 3D experience in your webpage?

Check out How To: Embed a model on your site to get started.

No downloads or installation necessary! All you need is the ability to (or access to someone who can) paste HTML code into your page.

Are you a site owner or at an institution where it is important to host the applications yourself but have no need of/interest in the code itself?

See How To: Host a prebuilt Voyager release for information on how you can host the latest Voyager release with no need to compile or view any application code.

Are you an existing user of Voyager Explorer that wants to customize the component visuals or integrate its functionality into an existing web app/UI?

See our Explorer API documentation and examples for attributes and methods to help you accomplish your goals. If there is API functionality missing that would help your project, please open an issue and let us know.

Are you a developer that wants to contribute to the project, customize Voyager, or just tinker with the code?

Start with How To: Install and build Voyager for instructions on grabbing the code, installing, and configuring.

Then check out the Explorer and Story sections for info on how to use each component. Please report any bugs or let us know about any questions or feature requests on our repo page.