API Example: Set Language

Try it out:

Change the active language for content and UI elements by entering a supported language code in the box below and clicking the “Set Language” button.

The setLanguage() function uses language codes from the ISO 639-1 Code standard. Keep in mind that a language will only be available if the scene contains content in that language. This example scene has both English (en) and Spanish (es) content.

How it works:

See the annotated javascript from this page below for how to use the setLanguage() function.

function setTourStep(stepIdx) {
	// Get reference to the Explorer element by id
	var voyagerElement = document.getElementById("voyager");
	// Call the setTourStep function with the value of the 
	// option input element as the parameter.
	// **Note the hard-coded tour index and interpolate flag.
	voyagerElement.setTourStep(0, stepIdx.value, true);