The Smithsonian Voyager web explorer has been created specifically for displaying, exploring, and sharing rich 3D data and models from museum collections and cultural heritage.

With a focus on storytelling, Voyager’s interactive engine offers a wide range of features and tools.


These features are already available:

  • Fully customizable 3D annotations
  • A customizable reader for documents, articles, images and videos
  • A very flexible lighting setup
  • A full featured animation engine for guided tours
  • A hierarchical scene model with an unlimited number of cameras, lights, props, and models
  • Support for a wide range of 3D formats including obj, ply, and gltf, glb with Draco mesh compression.
  • Tools for taking measurements and making cuts through objects
  • Integrated Augmented Reality (AR) experiences though WebXR
  • The software is based on an entity/component model which is very easy to extend

What we’re working on

Currently we’ve plans for, or are working on the following features:

  • Multi-model scene support
  • Accessibility features
  • Post-render effects and HDRI based lighting